I'm Auguste from Europe, specialized in full-stack .NET web development with an extra degree and interest in artificial intelligence. I'm result-driven, innovative with over 12 years of hands-on experience.

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Full-stack | Web API | Blazor Expert | C# .NET | Azure

  • ✅ +12 years of proven, hands-on experience
  • ✅ Available 7/7 days
  • ✅ Online Educator & Tech YouTuber
  • ✅ Fluent English, Native Dutch, European

I'm Auguste from Europe, specialized in full-stack .NET web development. I can build what you need!

  • 💪 Develops awesome web apps
  • 💪 Builds top-notch API's
  • 💪 Leverages the cloud & latest tech
  • 💪 Delivers clean, sustainable projects

More specific?

  • 👷 Build your custom websites and webapps with Blazor
  • 👷 Build your dashboard and/or CMS with Blazor
  • 👷 Build & integrate your .NET APIs & backend systems
  • 👷 Deploy your .NET apps to Azure & configure Azure services
  • 👷 Leverage all things .NET & Azure for fitting, cost-efficient solutions

Client projects I recently worked on:

  • 👷 A subscription website with a separate admin panel to manage subscribers, users, roles, permissions, metrics, ...
  • 👷 An admin panel to manage processes for a large e-commerce brand.
  • 👷 A location-based planning tool as feature-rich, highly interactive webapp.
  • 👷 A sample project with a follow-up sessions to help the client's dev team adopt Blazor.
  • 👷 I'm continuously working on my own hobby project which are all leveraging the latest Blazor & .NET features.

My recent hobby projects are highlighted on the portfolio section of my profile.

I'm passionate about creating and innovating and I have been doing so continuously for over 12 years. Find the results in my portfolio section. My eagerness to build, learn and innovate have also resulted in:

  • 🧠 A micro-degree in artificial intelligence & machine learning
  • 🐶 A dog-centric platform & e-commerce business
  • 📝 A YouTube channel & blog covering technical topics

Current skills, technologies used & interests:

  • 💻 Front-end: Blazor, MudBlazor, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PWA, UX, UI, Cross-platform
  • 💻 Back-end: .NET Web API, Minimal API, Background Worker, Azure Functions, API Integrations
  • 💻 Database: MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Azure CosmosDB
  • 💻 Cloud: App Service, Azure Service Bus, Application Insights, Azure Data Explorer, ARM, DevOps
  • 💻 Authentication: token-based, OAuth 2.0, Azure AD
  • 💻 Architecture: Modular Monolith, Monorepo, Multi-domain setups, NuGet
  • 💻 Machine Learning: ML.NET, TensorFlow.NET, Azure AI
Blazor Web Apps
Backend Systems
Development & IT Consultation

I can help / guide / train you(r team):

  • 📝 Adopt, migrate to the latest .NET & Blazor
  • 📝 Build top notch .NET API's
  • 📝 Deploy your apps to the Azure cloud
  • 📝 Plan, find, build the technical (cloud) solutions

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I continuously build, learn and experiment with innovative technology. Allow me to share what I learn, with you.

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