My secret to advancing software skills

My secret to advancing software skills

18 Nov 2023

As mentioned in my previous posts, working together with an experienced developer or on your own hobby projects can rapidly improve your software skills.

However, this learning curve also flattens after a while. Without proper guidance, while developing your hobby projects, you'll only learn from it the hard way. This isn't bad but it might take you much longer than it needs to.

Content creators can be invaluable to your developer journey! Some provide you with isolated how-to's, others update you on the news within the space, ...

On the "Keep it simple, stupid." YouTube channel, I continuously work on real-world apps while exploring & leveraging the latest .NET features and Azure cloud services.

I share with you how I implement these, with real use cases and how I architect entire end-to-end solutions from start to finish. I also share the code for you to learn from or for you to adapt to fit your requirements.

My most effective method to advance my software skills.

By repurposing someone else's well-crafted code, you can get a deeper understanding of why and how the author solves certain problems. How they structure their projects and more. By immersing yourself into it with the proper curiosity and willingness to learn, you'll adopt great practices and advance your overall knowledge of software development.

How would I know? Well, I've been developing daily for over 11 years, started out as a self-taught programmer, learned a thing or two in college, learned more on the job. In some jobs, I was on my own, in others I had the privilege to work with peer developers. Besides that, I am always working on hobby projects and learning from those slowly but surely.

Yet, the impact of immersing myself into other's inspirational work have taken me way beyond what I could learn up until that point. Not only is that work the result of decades of experience of the author but their invested time and attention to detail, makes it a work of art and an invaluable resource to learn from.

That's exactly what I aim to offer with my content! I put a lot of time, effort and thought into making valuable resources to either learn from, act as an alternative solution / perspective or to be molded into someone's work.

I'm pleased to see that it is doing exactly that for a variety of developers:


If you are interested in my work, you can find it:

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